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DATA:Prof.FABoyle's Complaint Acknowledged at the Hague PLEASE ENDORSE

Complaint Filed Against Bush,Cheney, Rumsfeld et al - Prof.F.A.Boyle

Stoppress Material on IRELAND Crisis, to be updated

If Israel informs UKof crimes is the EU Foreign Affairs policy involved? Murder in Dubai

Poet, Tawfik Ziad - Here We Stay

How About a Citizen's Arrest ? by G.Monbiot & Prof.Anthony J.Hall

Moral Bankruptcy by J.Stiglitz.

The Global Debt Bomb by Daniel Fisher UPDATE TARP report

Money: Situation USA discussed by Doug Casey

Is the NABUCCO Pipeline Worth the Projected $11.4 Billion?

Why is the Fed so Desperate to Keep Certain Deals Secret

Ezili Danto + Ezili's Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network UPDATED

HLLN Statement on Child Adoption Haiti +West Owes Haiti a Bailout - A Handback not a Hand-out by Gary Younge

Haiti's Oil, Gold, Copper, Uranium and the world’s largest supply of a rare mineral used in building Spacecraft - Iridium.

Haiti Seismic Patterns

US Toxic Waste re.Goncaives Haiti + Brazil TU Resolution Funds for Haiti

Fear and Anxiety About Haiti's Children, D Schechter

The Whole Nine Yards - Jamaican Aid Workers Vow to Go All The Way + Somali Pirates Donate to Haiti

Haiti, History, Government, Priorities, Religion

Nancy Scheper Huges Confirms Israeli Organ Traffic - "eye for an eye"

The Trials of Tony Judt

Shocking US Senate Hearing Confirms Dangers of Cell Phones +American Doctor Appraises Congressman Dr.Ron Paul

Support Petition to Negotiate Nuclear Weapons Abolition Treaty


The Euro should have been called the Icarus

Cartoon on Nobel Peace Prize by Martyn Turner

The Card Alan Ahearne Keeps Close to his Chest

Credit Contagion + Markets Turn on Portugal - PIIGS! Updated

Irish Poet Dave Lordan :A Play "Jo Bangles" Dublin 1st - 6th February, details.

Irish Film Institute,Film Courses, data

Lobby wish to Zionise British legal System - G.Atzmon & David Kelly Debate

An Illegal War is State Terrorism by Yamin Zakaria

Dr Hajo Meyer Auschwitz Survivor "Israel Acts Like Nazis"

UK Ministry Adviser says he is mis-represented on GM Agriculture

Important EU Legislation and Electric Car Project and other Reports

Swine Flu - WHO and Pharmacies, Guilty of Blackmail? EU debate

The Shoa Must Go On by Gilad Atzmon


IRAN: CIA-Mossad Meeting Reported. War?

USA Increases Stores of Military Weapons in Israel

13.000 Angry USA Soldiers held after end of Contracts - "Stop-loss"

We Contemplate the Insanity of the USAMilitary, Israelis and Egyptians...

Iraq Pollution

The Hijab Column

Yemen US Secret Military Operations and Text by M.Mekhlafi

"Limbo" Palestinian Refugees in Jordan.

How I fought to Survivr Guantanamo

Afghanistan Resource Hunt Confirmed+ Afghan War Illegal Prof.Francis A Boyle

Books:CLRJames -The Black Jacobins, by Björn Kumm

The Avatar Movie from an African Perspective - Ezili Danto

Film Maker Loach urges Cultural Boycott of Israel + Polansk's 'The Ghost'

Gilad Atzmon's Gigs data

Netanyahu, Hegel and the Jewish Spirit by Gilad Atzmon

Open Your History Books - British in Yemen - A.Curtis

Iraq War ;History Report

Iran History doc.s

Beyond Vietnam ; A Time to break Silence Rev.M Luther King

Australian Farmer Peter Spencer issued Eviction Notice

Australian Govt. Found to be a Swiss Owned Corporation !!

Australian Debt Volcano


US Trial of Aafia Siddique Begins to Unravel by Ali Ismail

Aafia Siddique Court Case Reports updated; CONVICTED

Secessionist Campaign for the Republic of Vermont

GM Crops Facing meltdown in USA - ISIS Report

What Americans Really Have to Fear by Scott Fina

Obama, Counterfeit Change and No-Excuse Lies -Dr.Goldstein UPDATED

50 in Guantanamo condemned to life though cannot be charged or put on trial

Scott Brown Independent thinker?

Growing Generations for Gaol - John Burl Smith

Letter from Professor RD Coates

Film Crazy Heart's Real Life Bad Blake + Closed Zone
Ancient Iron Forges found Scandanavia

Meet Peter Higgs

The Health Hazards of Genetically Modified Corn

Getting Sceptical about Global Warming Scepticsism