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European News

Lecture on James Joyce by Sergei Eisenstein

This is our Life, by Palestinians

"Not in My Name" by Gilad Atzmon

Professor Antonio Cassese determines The Assassinations are War Crimes

Professor Francis Boyle,Neo-cons,Fundies, Feddies, and Con-Artists also reviews R.Anderson's "Home Front: The Government War on Soldiers"

Norman Finkelstein by N.Chomsky

A Jewish "Madonna",J.Berger

Doremus Observes:This Ain't 5thCentury Athens by Fred

The Next Evolutionary Hurdle, John Kaminski

Racism in USA

Letter from America: The Draft Pending...

Poet: Ian Reed, "Constance Defiled"

Art in Hell, more on Steve Kurtz,Critical Art Ensemble

Rice Yield Rise in Madagascar under New Planting System

UN Involvement in Iraq is over...

Israel Looks to the Kurds, from S.Hersh excerpts

Bremer's Legal Edicts cast the Future on Iraq

Iraq,Miscellaneous Confirmations of Previous Articles

Militarism: Risk-Transfer v The Legitimacy of War, Martin Shaw

Torture :Britain's Island in the Sun, GThomas

I am a Stem Cell and I'm as Mad as Hell

The Racketeers Gigs & Beaconsfield Society membership Club open

Gilad Atzmon, the Orient House Ensemble,Nijmegen Holland. by Rory Braddell


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