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George F. Kennan

To Prevent a World Wasteland - A Proposal, by G.F.Kennan; World on the Brink of Disaster ,S.Connor The Independent

(New) Emergency Gaza .Attention Please! Shelling Now going on of Rafah Refugee Camp after Israeli Army guilty of killing boys at football, and Settlers also killed 3 children

Euro. News : Scientists Warn EU over Water Resources+ More on Giuliana Sgrena

(New) Irish news and Arts info.

Picture Post: Iraq + Reports on US Military

(NEW) Willie Davis Press Release: Catholic Cardinals Stunned at election of new Pope

They are Afraid of You, anti-war address by John Pilger

(New)The J Word, The J People and the J Spot ; Sharon's Propaganda Revives Peril for Jews Worldwide : To Sit in the Dark, by Gilad Atzmon ; Whose Hatred? by Zvi Bar'el

Stampede against Justice, an address to the UK Parliament, by Gareth Peirce

Legal Matters: Speech by Nurit Peled-Elhanan on International Women's Day ;Universal Jurisdiction by J Borneman

News from Palestine : Implications of LSE Study on Water ; Greek Orthodox Land deals ; Vanunu

PicturePost Gaza

FIBRECULTURE PRESS RELEASE Toni Negri and Ward Churchill refute Prof.Keith Windschuttle in Australia.

Boris Gamer and Martin Heidigger, by Gilad Atzmon

Chechen Poet Apti Bisultanov,"Born To Be Free"

Introducing Joe Ambrose: Some "verses or doggerel"

Roman Krasnovsky Famous Organist and Composer must work in Israel on a Garbage Truck,by Ina Shapira

Doremus Observes(NEW Press Release C/Spam Media Centre : Dr, Griffin on 9/11)

Bessie Blount Inventor and Scientist

The Nuclear Integral Fast Reactor, Dr.C.Till

Institute for Policy Studies: Cheney's Oil Change - At the World Bank ! by Jim Vallette

OIL - the end of the political use of the phrase"Oil Running Out"; It has returned to dried out wells in Eugenie Island and now:

ISIS(Inst.Science in Society)No Biotech Revolution in Sight or Health Care Innovation

Music In The Fields, by Freddy Silva

Golden Escape Pods, EJSteele + Gold and Dollar Market Summary,J.Sinclair

Chimera ,by J Rifkin

Medical Warning ESSENTIAL READING: The Fluoride Crisis and Dr.RL Blaylock replies to Soy,Aspartame and Fluoride Industries


STOPPRESS STOPPRESS: WTC Plan 1976; Ken Livingstone on Israel; Haiti

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