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Editor's Cell : Memorials + John Pilger + Sellafield

STOPPRESS Israel's Industrial Spy Virus

(NEW)Journalism: URGENT MESSAGE FROM JOHN PILGER TO THE N.U.J. RE, BLAIR'S GOV.PAYMENT TO THIS UNION Plus other material,Danny Schechter, Ted Turner,and others

(NEW)Statement by Admiral Morer and Memorial by E.S.Margolis Commemorating the Israeli Attack on USS Liberty

(NEW)Peres of Nobel Peace Prize Calls for removal of all Palestinians from Jerusalem

Finally A Single Truth Among the Firestorms of Lies, Kirwan

The Nuclear Guardianship Project : request for clips, Wendy Oser + Report Israel has dumped Nuclear Wastwe in West Bank and Gaza + Detailed Text on DU Military Use and its Depositories in USA

Summer University in Tamera, Portugal

The Sustainable World: Initiative by ISIS UPDATE

High School Student builds model Hydrogen Car and BUG POWER press Release by ISIS

European News Reports; and Prof.A.Coughlan on European Constitution

History: NATO Activity in Europe, Professor M.Chossudovsky, Ottawa University

We Need a New Anarchist Movement and Thoughts on J.P.Morgan Chase

World Tribunal on Iraq, John Berger and Session update

America's Shame, by Robert Fisk

A Spring Morning in the Autumn of America by John Kaminski

What's the Point? Jim Kirwan

The Soul of Small Town Ameryka, Bruno

The Ostrich Looked Up, by Tim Kingston

Beaconsfield Exhibition : Carl Michael Von Hausswolf, Alamut, the Eagles nest,prototype training ground for political assassins

The Master Musicians of Joujouka and Mohammed Hamri, by Frank Rynne

Translations of Pasternak,La Forgue,Baudelaire and Quevedo by J.Braddell.

Excerpts from The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy, J.L.Talmon

Detachment and Alienation; From the Freedom of Choice to the Promise of Being Chosen, by A Atzmon

Nakba Day Pilgrimage and Al Shati' Refugees, Gaza, Remember

Hebron: Who Will Seek Forgiveness by Ian,ISM and The Games We Play by M Carter Hallward

Brutal Occupation Takes Toll of Israel's Soul, Dorothy Naor and Tamer

It will Never Be Just and and The Key by J.Braddell


Human Barrels : Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall

A New Struggle in the Making for Syria, Patrick Seale

AUT Boycott Cancelled, Some Arguments


Update Report from HAITI : Aristide's Prime Minister Y.Neptune dying on Hunger Strike

The High Price of Freedom, Gunther Grasse

Canada: The Secret Trial of Muslims, no charges, no evidence.

George Galloway V the U.S.Senate, transcript of speech.

"We would get slaughtered if we put this out..."USA TV rep on Cannes Film by Alan Curtis

Writing and the Deadly Balm of Eric Ambler, Joe Ambrose

Fred Johnston, Poet ; Western Writer's Center

Book Reviews and Ads WTC; I.Shamir ; Kill the Messenger ? ; Biog from Syria.

Inistioge Kilkenny and Kilkenny City Art Exhibitions

Coal and Brown-Coal Mines, Germany, James A Girard.

Sciences: Nuclear Power is the Problem, not a Solution, by Helen Caldicott and Controversial Ionizing Radiation Screening in Gaza

Science and Politics: Make Prisoners Docile - Fluoride

Astronomy: Where is the Generator for our Electric Universe? Mel Acheson

Proof Bush Fixed the Facts, by Ray McGovern ex.CIA analyst

The Holocaust ,Palestine and Israel. Revision, Denial and Myth, by Frank Scott

Doremus observes Conscientious Objectors and other matters...

Letters from America

Word of God: The Evolution of a Fight to the End

Anti-War Web Ring
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