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Edcell, Dave Lordan,Winner of the Patrick Kavanagh Award 2005


(NEW) Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize Speech

The Mask of War, Jean Baudrillard,www.ctheory,net

Fallujah, the Flame of Atrocity + World Tribunal Charge List indicts USA and UK

Fallujah: Medical Analysis ; Marines in Fallujah,North County Times.

Jordan Reports : the victims and the questions that must be asked. ~Dr Elias Akleh, xymphora

Suddenly on Sunday - extaordinary letter from Australia just received

Why indeed did the WTC buildings Collapse?, Prof.S.E.Jones,

I Have a Question for the World, Imran Zia ; Police Clash with Survivors, Neelum Valley

Climate Summit opens in Montreal : Thousands of scientists....

Technology and Global Totalitarianism by R.B.Wilcox

Goya's barbarians still with us, illustration from Lucy Braddell.

Sharon's "vision" of peace - believe it? Johann Hari

Secret EU Report launches Scathing Attack on Israel: Donald Macintyre, Steven Erlanger, Chris McGreal

European News, McCreevy in Europe ; Environment Warning ; Straw man praises Israel and British Jews

Palestine update, UK violates Internat.Law, electronic intifada ; more oppression from Israel continues

The NeoCon Strategy for Europe...

The NeoCon Strategy for the Middle East

The Heavy Hand of the Secret Police impeding Arab Reform, N.McFarquhar

Poem by Raja Mattar

The Real War, John Kaminski

The Washington Gadfly, Michael Posner

(NEW)Canada's Prince of Darkness, John Chuckman and Letter to Canadian Govt. Minister from Ismail Zayid

ISIS : Farmers, Learn of the GM effects elswhere and be warned ! + Magazine Announcement by ISIS Director + Redemption from Plastics Wasteland

Anger of the Suburbs,L.Mouloud ; Is Paris Burning or Watt?,W.Bowles ; A Minority in his own Land, M.Maavak ; BBC excerpts and comment

Riots are a class act - G.Younge, the Guardian

A Forgotten Resistance, The Paris Mosque by Deri Berkani TV Film

UK bought DumDum bullets from Israel

AUT Lobbies Students to Achieve Blair's Terror Legislation???

Calls to Monitor Academic Freedom for Anti-Semitism on USA Campus' Rejected, by O. Nir

Leslie Bunder Interviews Ken Livingstone

Afghanistan holiday break

The Emperor's New Clothes, Hans Christian Andersen

UAE Warns against Israel maintaining a Nuclear Arsenal

Forgetting Glastnost, Boris Kagarlitskt

Live Not by Lies, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Venezuela, Polarised Reports

Keep Katrina and The Real America in the News Columns Without Fail...Gulf Slaves

Letters from America

How Journalism Went Bad, Sam Smith ; Reporters Without Borders,There is no Occupation, K Larssen ; A News Revolution has Begun, John Pilger ; Smearing Chomsky, The Guardian backs down, Medial Lens.

Fibre Culture ; A Call for Papers for July 2006 Conference in Rhodes Greece

Gaza November Diary, Border Crossing to open

Peretz and Histadrut, Biog. of Inaction ; White Hopes, Dark Fears, Raymond Deane ; Peretz is Not Peres, U.Avnery ; The Case of Amir Peretz,G.Atzmon ; Russian Jewish Oligarchs under Siege,Y.Laing

End of the Ashkenazi Era - Does it mean the end of Zionism? Dr. Hilmi Salem

A Welcome Medical Success, from Palestine, Dorothy Naor

Of Transplants and Transcendence: Questioning Social and Symbolic Categories in Israel Lauri King-Irani

Haaretz investigation revealed that of the 104 communities covered by the Galilee development program, only four of them are Arab or Druze towns

Repression and Imprisonment of Palestinian Activists in USA, Where are the Defenders of Justice?, N.Cohen

Wiped off the Map - Report from Iran

Advocate of Environmental and Human Rights Rod Donald.Green Party New Zealand dies, Maori Press Release.

Remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa, S.Odunfa

The Invisible Intellectual, S.Deshpande,Znet.

Can anyone Compete with China. Lessons from Japan, Eamonn Fingleton and Space Report.

Hugo Chavez, Humanitarian and Democrat, John Pilger

Venezuela's Foreign Policy in 2005

The White House Criminal Conspiracy by Elizabeth de Vega

The Shadow Puppet's Master, B Brighenti

Doremus Observes

Torture of Prisoners

Sudan, A Cattle Raider

So Many of Us Fell for the Zionist Myth, H.Braun

Judge Meinerzhagen, Political Heretics, by Rixon Stewart.

Here Comes Christmas, by Jerry Vilhotti

Noreen Chews up Soduku and Spits out Cross Words - by Noreen of Emerald Bile

Archaeologists unearth a German Stonehenge

Interview with Joshua Redman, J Jazzman discussing John Coltrane.

Arts: It All Happens in Prague & Three Cities 'Against the Wall'

Film Review: Breaking the Science, Misleading Stories, M B.Rosenthal

Book Reviews:The Jewish Century by Y Slezkine,Prof.K McDonald & The Plot Against America,by P.Roth, G.Atzmon

Word of God

Money Reform by A McConnachie + The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power. - by Joel Bakan


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